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Discovering the Wonderful Beaches of La Guaira State

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If you are a sea lover and are looking for a paradisiacal destination near Caracas, La Guaira State is the ideal place for you; With an extension of 120 kilometers and a surprising diversity, this coastal state offers you an unparalleled experience.

In this narrow strip, located between the slopes of the Avila Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, you will find dream beaches with white sand and rocky virgin coasts whipped by the wind and the strong waves.

Get ready to discover public and private spas and beaches that offer top-quality facilities to make the most of your vacation. Read on and immerse yourself in the beauty of the beaches of La Guaira State!

Beaches in the west zone of the Central Coastal

We will begin our tour in the western part of the Central Coast, taking the road from Catia La Mar to Puerto Cruz, on the border with the state of Aragua; Along this coastal road, you will find a series of beaches and resorts that will surprise you;

Catia La Mar

The city closest to Caracas offers the first urban beaches, very popular and crowded on weekends; The Puerto Viejo Hotel Beach, a cozy beach with white sand and calm waters protected by the hotel’s marina dock, stands out; Here you will find excellent facilities such as chairs and umbrellas, swimming pool, tasca, restaurant, marina and guarded parking; You can also visit La Playita, a white sand beach located at the end of a bay facing north, with strong waves but no vegetation; Another resort in the area is Marina Grande, a semi-private club that is open to the public on weekends and has a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and parking;

Urban public beaches

Following the coastal road next to the airport, you will find several popular urban public beaches; These beaches have basic but functional infrastructure, including restaurants, kiosks, parking lots, restrooms and showers; Some of the beaches in this area are Playa Vasito, Playa Verde, Playa Niños, Playa Culito and Playa Aeropuerto;

Beaches to the west of the State of La Guaira

If we continue our journey to the west of the state, we will find more beaches and resorts worth visiting;

Beach Catamare:

This small semi-round bay offers dark sand and gentle waves thanks to two artificial breakwaters. Here you will find several food kiosks, awning and chair rental services, and a quieter and less crowded atmosphere than other beaches;


Located near the Ricardo Zuloaga power plant, this beach offers dark sand and warm water due to its proximity to the plant; The swell is moderate, and fishermen anchor their fishing boats there; You will also find a kiosk where you can enjoy fresh fish;

Taguao, Las Salinas, Tarma and Playa Bikini:

These narrow beaches of dark sand have reefs and lack tourist infrastructure; They are perfect if you are looking for a more natural environment away from the crowds;

Puerto Carayaca:

It is the last beach accessible by paved road heading west; Behind a series of multicolored houses and stores, you will find this beach with clear sand and no vegetation; Here you can rent awnings and chairs to enjoy a sunny day at the beach;

Discovering Chichiriviche de la Costa

Taking the road to the center of the Central Coast, passing through the state capital, La Guaira, we will arrive at Chichiriviche de la Costa, a tourist destination par excellence in the state of Vargas;

Beach Chichiriviche:

Located at the bottom of a bay protected from the surf, this fabulous Caribbean beach offers white sand and rapidly deepening waters; Here you will find large palm trees that provide plenty of shade; Chichiriviche is known for being an ideal place to practice scuba diving, with two schools installed in the town; At 700 meters from the coast is submerged in the waters the image of the Christ of Chichiriviche de la Costa, a must for divers;

Road to the east:

If you follow the coastal route from Chichiriviche, you can enjoy a spectacular view during a trip of approximately 45 minutes in a four-wheel drive vehicle; You can also take the 45 km road from Colonia Tovar and enjoy the spectacular jungle scenery; This route will take you to Puerto Cruz, located at the bottom of a beautiful bay of blue waters, totally protected from the swell; Here you will find a magnificent contrast of landscapes between mountain, sea and white sand with palm trees; Puerto Cruz is an ideal place to camp on the beach and rent awnings; From this beach, you can also take a boat to visit Puerto Maya and other dive sites;

Exploring Macuto and Caraballeda

Following the coastal road eastward, we will reach Macuto, a historic tourist destination that used to be very popular in the 19th century; In spite of the 1999 floods, Macuto has recovered part of its tourist activity and offers two beaches located on the beautiful La Paloma boardwalk;

Beachs of Macuto

Macuto’s urban beaches A and B are located in the pedestrian zone of the town; Separated by artificial breakwaters, these beaches offer calm waters and services such as restaurants, awning rental, horseback riding and sale of beach articles; You will also find the Coastal Park Paseo del Mar, where you will find the Camurí Chico Beach Resort, which was rebuilt by the State Government and offers several beaches with different types of waves, beautiful wooden terraces, restaurants, showers and restrooms, pedestrian walkways and a large guarded parking lot;


Founded in 1567, Caraballeda is a picturesque town that used to be very famous for the quality of its tourist infrastructure; Although conditions have changed since the 1999 floods, you will still find marinas and hotels offering services for deep sea fishing lovers and charters to Los Roques; At the Balneario del Hotel Sheraton, a group of several beaches separated by breakwaters, you can enjoy the blue waters and the shadows provided by the coconut trees;

Hidden wonders to the east of the State of La Guaira

If we follow the coastal road to the east of the state, we will find a series of fascinating and little-known beaches, ideal for surf lovers and those looking to get away from the crowds;

Beach of Los Caracas

Located 73 kilometers from Caracas, Los Caracas is a large resort built in 1955 to offer Venezuelan workers a vacation spot; Here you will find Playa de Los Caracas, an extensive beach with white sand and big waves, perfect for surfers; In addition, you can enjoy a green meadow with trees that will provide shade and the possibility of hanging your hammocks;


37 kilometers from Los Caracas is the picturesque town of Caruao, with a beach located at the edge of the main road; Here you will find white sand and crystal clear waters, and you can enjoy a pleasant boardwalk; Caruao beach has restrooms and showers for your comfort;

Discovering Chuspa

Finally, we arrive at Chuspa, the last town on the eastern coastal road of La Guaira State in the direction of Higuerote; Chuspa is a fishing village that offers a beautiful urban beach protected by an artificial breakwater, where you will find all the necessary basic services;

From Chuspa, you can also take boats that will take you to Caribbean Beach, located in Miranda state. This remote and paradisiacal beach is surrounded by palm trees and tropical vegetation, and offers fine sands and crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkeling;

Get ready to explore the wonderful beaches of La Guaira State and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Caribbean paradise!