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is waiting for you! Discover the charm of the Venezuelan Caribbean

Venezuela, home to paradisiacal landscapes and a vibrant culture, is an undiscovered tourist destination in the Caribbean. With its dreamy beaches, lush national parks and rich culture, this South American country has much to offer travelers.

Join us on this tour of the wonders of Caribbean tourism in Venezuela and let yourself be seduced by its charm.

What can you find in Venezuela?

Beaches and paradisiacal islands

Los Roques Archipelago: This group of islands and cays is one of the most dazzling destinations in the Venezuelan Caribbean. Its turquoise waters and white sands are ideal for snorkeling, diving and kitesurfing. Don’t miss the Dutch Lighthouse and the Rabusquí Lagoon.

Margarita Island: Known as “The Pearl of the Caribbean”, this island offers beautiful beaches, such as Playa El Agua and Playa Parguito, as well as the opportunity to visit picturesque towns such as Juan Griego and Pampatar.

Playa Medina: Located in the Mochima National Park, it is a virgin and picturesque beach, surrounded by mountains and vegetation. One of the best in Venezuela.

Exploring nature and National Parks

Morrocoy National Park: This park, located in Falcón state, is famous for its keys and islets, such as Cayo Sombrero and Cayo Peraza. Its coral reefs and mangroves are the habitat of a wide variety of marine fauna.

Henri Pittier National Park: Located in Aragua State, this park is the oldest in Venezuela. Walk its trails and discover an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, such as quetzals, jaguars and sloths.

Canaima National Park: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the famous Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. Admire the majesty of the Roraima Tepuy and explore the Gran Sabana on an unforgettable expedition.

Immerse yourself in Venezuelan history and culture.

Ciudad Bolivar: This colonial city on the banks of the Orinoco River is a historical and cultural treasure. Visit the Casa del Congreso de Angostura and admire the works of Jesús Soto at the Museo de Arte Moderno.

Coro: With its colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, Coro is a walk through the past. Walk through the historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and enjoy its churches and squares.

Experience local gastronomy and traditions

Flavors of the Caribbean: Venezuelan cuisine is a mixture of indigenous, African and European influences. Delight yourself with typical dishes such as arepas, pabellón criollo, empanada de cazón and hallaca. And don’t forget to try the dulce de lechosa and the papelón with lemon to refresh you.

Festivities and music: Immerse yourself in traditional Venezuelan celebrations, such as the Fiesta de San Juan and the Paradura del Niño. Also, enjoy the contagious rhythm of joropo, merengue caraqueño and gaita zuliana.

Venture out for nightlife and entertainment

Caracas: The capital of Venezuela offers a wide variety of options to enjoy the night. From bars and restaurants to theaters and cultural centers, Caracas has something for everyone.

Porlamar: On Margarita Island, Porlamar is the center of nightlife. Stroll along the Paseo de la Costa and visit its bars, discos and casinos.

Get to know the local arts and crafts

Handicrafts: Take home a unique souvenir and support local artisans. From hammocks and ceramics to hats and wood carvings, you will find handmade products that reflect the cultural richness of Venezuela.

Museums and galleries: Discover Venezuela’s artistic wealth by visiting its museums and galleries, such as the National Art Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas.

Relax and enjoy the picturesque and modern accommodations.

Venezuela has a wide range of accommodations for all budgets. From luxurious resorts on Margarita Island to charming inns in Los Roques and colonial houses in Coro, you’ll find the perfect place to rest after a day full of adventures.

Caribbean tourism in Venezuela is a unique and unforgettable experience. From its paradisiacal beaches and islands to its rich history, culture and gastronomy, Venezuela awaits you with open arms to show you the best of the Caribbean. Dare to discover it and live the adventure of your life!

20 Surprising Facts about Venezuela

  1. Venezuela is the seventh most biodiverse country in the world.
  2. It has plains, jungles, deserts, Caribbean coasts, archipelagos and beaches.
  3. It has the largest lake in South America and most of the Orinoco River basin.
  4. It has the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls.
  5. It is home to unique phenomena such as the Catatumbo Lightning.
  6. It includes part of the Andes mountain range, the longest continental mountain range on the planet.
  7. In the south of the country there are chains of tepuis, one of the oldest areas on earth.
  8. Its area is 916,445 square kilometers with a population of 28.2 million inhabitants.
  9. It is one of the countries with the most protected areas in the world.
  10. It has a rich fauna and flora with numerous species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and plants.
  11. The climate is tropical, subtropical and temperate, with two climatic seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.
  12. The majority of Venezuelans are mestizos and whites, with black and indigenous populations in smaller proportions.
  13. The gastronomy of Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean has blended and created varied dishes in the country.
  14. The country has six natural regions: the central mountain range region, the Llanos region, the eastern mountain range region, the taico system region, the southern Orinoco region and the Coriano system region.
  15. The highest cable car in the world and the second longest in the world is located in the state of Mérida.
  16. The Llanos region of Venezuela is famous for its rich culture and llanera music.
  17. In the state of Sucre is the Paria Peninsula, which is a National Park and is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.
  18. The country has a significant cultural diversity, with indigenous, African and European influences.
  19. Venezuela is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the university city of Caracas and Canaima National Park.
  20. It has 43 national parks, 22 natural monuments, 2 biosphere reserves, 4 fauna reserves, 3 protected areas, 28 special management zones and 8 fauna refuges.

Beaches in Venezuela that you must visit at least once in your life

Aragua Beaches

Cata Bay

A popular beach located in Henri Pittier National Park, known for its calm waters and relaxed atmosphere.

Patanemo Bay

Medina Beach

Located in the Mochima National Park, it is a virgin and picturesque beach, surrounded by mountains and vegetation.

Falcón Beaches

Morrocoy National Park

It is not a beach per se, but a group of paradisiacal islands and cays in the Golfo Triste, such as Cayo Sombrero, Playuela and Playa Mero.

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